CHANEL Eye Campaign With Angèle

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Belgian singer and activist, Angèle, is not only the face of this collection but has also written the music. Climate change, feminism and cancer awareness are some of the topics she’s tackled and she is known for her song, Balance ton Quoi, which challenges every day sexism. Her pared back style is reflected in the Eye Campaign collection.

CHANEL Eye Campaign With Angele

There are seven new Stylo Yeux Waterproof in a muted metallic line-up. I’ve been wearing Eros, a pink-copper tone and love it although it needs a bit of mascara unless you like a stark eye look (which I do, just not on me).

CHANEL Eye Campaign With Angele

The Stylos are waterproof and they withstood the heat of Sunday very nicely. In texture, they’re the silky, weightless glide that you’d hope for that give a glimmer of colour. I love these especially if you have hooded lids which makes wearing shadow more difficult. A line of colour means that even if you don’t show a full lid, applied as close to the lash line as you possibly can you will get a flash of colour. Waterproof liners make the best job of this because they tend not to transfer upwards. These are laid down almost immediately and then don’t move even if you swipe a finger across the lines but if you have hooded lids, line and keep your eye closed for a moment or two to let it ‘set’.

CHANEL Eye Campaign With Angele

Shades from bottom to top are: Khaki Metal, Bleu Metal, Eros, Vert Emmeraude, and Prune Intense (not metallic). I like a red eye liner – Prune Intense is a burgundy shade that is vampy and dramatic – apply loads of mascara and some black khol on the inner rims and you are ready!

CHANEL Eye Campaign With Angele

Actually, not part of this collection, but I have been wearing this Stylo Ombre et Contour Liner Kohl in Electric Brown a lot this summer – you can wear it as a shadow as well if you want to but I’ve been using it as a kohl and it gives you that kind of electric eye look that’s nigh on impossible to achieve. It has enough pigment that it shows up well on the inner rims and I find that because it’s not a skinny pencil it deposits a bit on the lower lash line as well so you have this perfect electric look without even trying. It’s £28 HERE and worth every penny (there’s also one in Rouge Noir if you feel adventurous). Non-affiliate HERE.

CHANEL Eye Collection With Angele

The palette I have (of two) here is Douceur et Serenete in a plum toned quad. Every shade in this is taken down a notch so that there is more of a ‘fog’ effect than full on pigment.

CHANEL Eye Collection With Angele

As you’d expect, it’s an instant colour lay down … one stroke of your brush and you are done. I like the way it’s been given a shadowy aspect because I usually associate any combination of purples as bright and intense. These colours take away the brightness and leave a toned down result. You can find the collection HERE.

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