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Working with HomeGoods has always been an absolute dream, and now that we’ve bought our first home, it is even better. Bobby and I both love and frequent HomeGoods for anything from candles (ahem, Bobby!) to blankets (that would be me) and seasonal decor, but this is really the first time we’ve had lots of room to add onto our existing decor and furnishings. It made the shopping experience for this partnership that much more special, because we had several things on our treasure hunt list. And that’s one thing that I love about HomeGoods: you never know what you’re going to find!

We have tons of work to do on our home, and while we plan on taking our time with each project, sprucing up our home office spaces has taken priority. We work from home even during non-pandemic times, but now that we’re home all day, every day, it has become more and more important for us to be content in our surroundings.

collage of a before and after HomeGoods Home Office Makeover with office table, guitar, framed paintings, and computer

HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

Bobby’s work space was sad and cold. He works long hours at his desk, editing videos and staring at a screen. So, I really wanted to make his office a little cozier, happier, and uniquely Bobby. I sat down with him and talked colors and patterns (he wanted lots of color, with pops of mustard yellow, and geometric wallpaper), style (he leans toward midcentury but didn’t want it to be too retro), and went over what he wanted to keep that he already had, and what we needed to shop for. One thing that was extra important: find a good way to display both his vintage camera collection and some more sentimental pieces. 

blue chair, plant, gold lamp, frame, and painted wall for HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

Bobby picked this wallpaper the second he saw it — while I’m the type to agonize over 1,000 different options — so that was a good place to start. With that in mind, we went to HomeGoods with a loose list of what we needed but kept it flexible, so we didn’t limit our options. As soon as Bobby saw this chair, he got really excited and said it was exactly what he wanted, so that was a major score! Just a couple aisles over, we saw this rug (pop of mustard!) that mimicked the pattern of the wallpaper. So then we looked for a pillow that would tie it all together and came across this perfect, geometric velvet pillow that had all the colors we were working with. The blanket, Bobby pointed out, tied in with this painting of me that he wanted to hang in his office:

vintage cameras, photo of a woman and hanging plant for HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

Vintage and Modern Elements in Our Home Office

He already had everything in this photo, including the vintage macramé hanging, but needed a planter to go in it. I spotted this gold one in the outdoor section at HomeGoods and knew it would be perfect. I love that it mixes vintage and modern. 

fern in a gold plant holder and a large mirron
indoor plats, vintage fan and camera, mirror, and a painter wall

The full-length mirror was such an amazing price and exactly what we were looking for. It’s something with clean lines, nothing too ornate, in a dark trim. And how good is that gold mesh plant stand?!

vintage cameras, indoor plants, and a gold octopus

Bobby picked out several planters, since he loves to have lots of greenery. The golden octopus (a HomeGoods find, naturally!) is in honor of Bobby’s tattoo, Simon the Octopus. His eyes match the little painted wooden stand that we got at HomeGoods to display some of his vintage cameras. 

accent chest with vintage camers, indoor plants, books, and other decorations
vintage camer and fan, books, and indoor plants for HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

His cameras used to be all in one row. But I wanted to create some visual interest by introducing some levels. I stacked some of his dad’s antique books to display a couple of his favorites. There are little sentimental nods to Bobby’s dad (his guitar, books, and a little dentist figurine) and our beloved cat Vester in this room — which makes everything feel that much more special.

blanket and pillow on blue chair, indoor plants and candle on a corner table, and a hanging painting
two closed doors, hanging vintage camera, keys, a painting and a yellow storage for HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

A chubby little Vester plush sits in this cozy little spot. The candle is one of 3 HomeGoods candle finds that Bobby has in this room. He loves candles! We’re probably going to paint the remaining walls a shade of light cream to warm it up a bit. Right now the crocheted Vester and his favorite toy, the little laser pointer beside it, make this otherwise sparse section feel a lot happier.

indoor plants, vitage camera, and a white curtain

We took down the shutters from the previous owners, because they didn’t let any light in. And, if you opened them, it covered the wall space on both sides. We swapped them out for sheers. They had tons of options in the curtain section at HomeGoods. We ultimately chose some that had a little texture and gold threading. They look so luxe and they let in lots of light!

blanket, stuffed animal and pillow on a blue chair, lit candle, vintage camera, and plant on a side table for HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

I’m still so excited we got with this chair. Look at the gold frame! It’s perfect.

a room with painted accent wall, gold chandelier, and home decorations for HomeGoods Home Office Makeover

And lastly, we swapped out the bulky ceiling fan for a light fixture we already had. It made the room feel roomy and brighter. I am so happy with how this room is coming along. Now I cannot wait to get my own work space spruced up. It’s going to look very different from Bobby’s, but I think it’s going to be gorgeous. Thank you so much to HomeGoods for partnering with us on this home office makeover!

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