Making a Case for Fake Lower Lashes

May 27, 2021

woman wearing yellow clothes, yellow hat, and has Fake Lower Lashes
woman looking at the camera and has Fake Lower Lashes nd wearing yellow clothes

vintage leisure suit — Hello Tallulah vintage

vintage scarf

mustard beret (similar)

Too Faced pumpkin spice liquid lipstick (Prissy looks like a similar, pretty option!)

Eyeshadows are Colourpop & Sugarpill (shop shades below)

Lashes are Eylure 117 and Lash XO lower lashes

NYX Epic Ink Liquid Liner

Making a Case for Fake Lower Lashes

In a recent video, I showed the making of this makeup look and asked the question: lower lashes or no? Truthfully, I wasn’t surprised when the majority voted no lower lashes, but will that change my wearing of them, moving forward? Of course not.

We all have preferences.

Most days, I don’t wear fake lower lash strips. Most days, I’m also not in bright orange and yellow eye makeup with graphic liner. But some days, when I feel like doing the most, I go all out and express myself to the fullest. On this particular day, I wanted to do a little nod to mod makeup and add some lower lashes to make this sunny look a little moodier.

Here’s the thing: the lower lashes take an otherwise modern look and make it look a little more mod — and that’s what I was going for. I vote yes on lower lashes, when the mood calls for it. It’s not for everyone, but neither is my style in general. And that’s okay by me! 🙂

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