Semi di Lino Smooth Range: All Hair Can Be Beautiful


Semi di Lino Smooth is an all-new range from the professional hair care brand, Alfaparf. This line was created to help tame rebellious hair. If you’re frustrated trying to manage difficult hair, or ones that are frizzy and dehydrated, this new line of products and treatments is here to rescue you from a bad hair day!

Semi di Lino Smooth Line

NEW Semi di Lino Smooth Range: All Hair Can Be Beautiful

The Semi di Lino Smooth line is composed of hair treatment products that were formulated to control rebel hair. It does so by effectively hydrating the strands and restoring the alignment of your hair fibres. In addition, it nourishes your hair from within the counteract the effects of frizz making your hair look smoother and shinier. Its goal is to restore the natural composition of the strands to reveal your hair’s natural beauty.

What makes the Smooth line unique? It’s the plant-derived active ingredient – Frizz Defeat Protein. This ingredient has the ability to deliver a film-forming action that is meant to protect the strands and prevent frizz from happening. The entire range is also vegan formulated so you expect only organic ingredients that won’t cause harsh effects on your strands.

Introducing the Semi Di Lino Products

NEW Semi di Lino Smooth Range: All Hair Can Be Beautiful

The Semi di Lino Smooth line consists of five treatment products. When you use these products together, you can expect rebel hair to be soft and tamed. Each of these products is designed to be used in every step of your hair care routine for luxuriously smooth and radiant hair.

Step 1: Cleansing

Smoothing Low Shampoo

This Smoothing Low Shampoo gently cleanses rebellious hair, leaving it smooth and frizz-free.

Step 2: Treatment

Semi Di Lino Smoothing Mask

Smoothing Mask is an intensive detangling treatment that controls and protects from frizz, for soft and hydrated hair.

Semi Di Lino Smoothing Conditioner

This Smoothing Conditioner detangles and controls frizz, leaving hair feeling soft and light.

Step 3: Leave-In

Semi Di Lino Smoothing Cream

Smoothing Cream makes hair easier to brush while protecting it from heat and humidity, for smooth, frizz-free results that last.

Step 4: Gloss

Semi Di Lino Smoothing Oil

Smoothing Oil illuminates hair while protecting it from heat and humidity, for smooth, frizz-free results that last.

Tired of dealing with rebellious hair? Try the new Semi di Lino Smooth range to nourish your strands from within and reveal its natural beauty. You can learn more about or shop the full range here.

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