The Top 10 Fashion Tips for Stylish Women

The ever-important question “What should I wear today?” is now more important than ever in the post-pandemic world. We are slowly coming back to our regular, social lives. After over a year of not going out, we now need assortments of looks to garner the energy to go out. Thankfully, we have plenty of stylish women letting us in on their style secrets for 2021. From better shopping habits to exciting color play – here are top 10 fashion tips from stylish women that you need to know –

1. Improve your Shopping Habits

Excess is not good. When your wardrobe features only the items you love, putting together, stylish outfits becomes ten times easier. This year, shop only the pieces that you love and desperately want. Get rid of the items you barely wear. There are plenty of online second-hand clothes stores that accept second-hand items. Sell some of your old stuff and invest in items you’d like to wear twenty years from now.

2. Start Experimenting with Colors

Many women are nervous about experimenting with different colors. To create unique looks, you’ll have to overcome this anxiety. Start off slowly. Buy one colorful piece that you’d never wear. Wear neutral colors to balance the colorful piece. Slowly, you’ll get more comfortable with different color combinations.

3. Experiment with Patterns and Designs

Matching handbags, shoes, belts, etc., don’t work anymore. To make bold fashion statements – you’ll have to clash different textures and prints. Play it safe at first. Start experimenting with neutral patterns like polka dots or stripes. Learn what textures and knits work for you.

4. Year of the Belt

This is a fashion hack many women fail to use. Belts bring balance and proportion to looks that usually “don’t work.” For example, miniskirts and cashmere sweaters aren’t items that are meant to look good together. But, add a belt, and it will look more put-together.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Sleeveless 

Going sleeveless means taking on a lot of responsibilities!

  • Should you wear arm brightening products or non-staining deodorant on your arms?
  • Haltered straps or spaghetti straps?
  • Loose tops or tight, custom-made crop tops?

This long list of decisions that come with going sleeveless prevents many women from buying sleeveless outfits altogether. However, we deserve to feel fresh in this hot weather. Sleeveless-loving women should follow these tips to pull off this look effortlessly:

  • Make all kinds of style statements by mixing pastel tones with darker colors.
  • Make your sleeveless outfit spicier by using accessories like watches, wrist bands, smart watches, etc. Pick smaller accessories that feel right.
  • Eliminate all self-doubt about going sleeveless by using underarm brightening products.
  • Use sleeveless clothes made of breathable materials.

6. Change with the Seasons

Avoid sticking to the same style code throughout the year. Here’s how your wardrobe should ideally change with the seasons –

  • Summer: Dress in cool and comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Only choose clothing items made of breathable fabrics that wick sweat away. Even if you’re going sleeveless, follow this tip.
  • Winters: Wear easily removable weathers. Wear clothing items made of breathable fabrics that wick sweat away as your inner layer. Wear insulating jackets, coats, etc., on top of that layer. Use colorful, spunky, and woolen hats to protect your head and ears from the cold.
  • Monsoons: Always wear outer layers that protect the skin from the rain.

7. Have a Clear Strategy when Shopping for Workout Clothes

Shop for workout clothes made of anti-sweat fabrics. Wearing the right clothes for workout sessions has less to do with fashion, more to do with your health. Prioritize protecting your skin during exercise by –

  • Buying cotton shirts and pants. They easily absorb sweat. Wash your cotton workout clothes regularly as they get heavy and wet when you exercise.
  • There are some breathable synthetic fabrics that are worth looking into this year. If you get cheaper deals (cheaper than cotton) on clothing items made of fabrics containing polypropylene, buy some. Unlike other synthetic materials and cotton, these fabrics do not soak sweat.
  • Avoid all clothing items made of rubber or plastic-based materials as they prevent sweat from evaporating, keeping body temperatures too high during workouts.

8. Get the Right Fit

Baggy clothes are so 2019! We should always wear loose and comfortable clothes. But that doesn’t mean they have to look awkward and oversized. If necessary, hire a good tailor to make some of your over- and under-sized items look polished and not sloppy.

9. Be Proud of Your Body Shape

Buy, wear, and flaunt outfits that are fitted for your body shape. Don’t refrain from play with unusual shapes. Make bold fashion statements and create unique fashion moments.

10. Start Investing in Your Personal Style

Building a personal style is all about trial and error. Use these tips to create signature styles. We’re not asking you to launch your look-book by the end of this year. Developing a personal style can take years. Get started by creating look or mood boards. Start playing with unique colors, textures, and shapes.

About the author;

This article was written by guest author Anil Baswal.

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