Three Virtual Views of the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2021

If you’re unable to visit the Annual Exhibition of the New English Art Club – which opened last week at the Mall Galleries in London (closes 3rd July) – you can view it online – in three different ways

ONE. You can take the Virtual Tour – which requires navigation. 

NEAC Virtual Exhibition Tour


As previously, once you click the arrow (above) the Matterport software for some reason makes the colours seem much lighter and less intense that when artwork is seen in the Gallery. As a result I find it more difficult to recognise artwork by different artists – when normally it’s no problem (i.e. colour and tone is part of their signature style). I keep noticing this with Matterport Virtual Exhibitions so can only assume it’s the software. Or maybe somebody needs to review the settings?

However you can view the artwork in the galleries in a number of ways

  • via the 3D Space – which gives you the sense of being inside the Gallery 
  • or via the plan
  • both of which are located in the bottom left hand corner
  • on the bottom right you can expand the picture to fill your screen which is much the best way to view
  • use your cursor to navigate – it takes some getting used to.
West Gallery
East Gallery
North Gallery

TWO: You can also view the Artwork selected for the exhibition on the Mall Galleries website – albeit you have to 

  • scroll down on the NEAC exhibition page
  • then page through (using the arrows at the bottom) the pages of artworks selected for the exhibition – from members and those selected from the open entry
  • all artworks are ordered by the surname of the exhibiting artist. I always feel sorry for those whose surname is at the end of the alphabet given I know not everybody who starts looking makes it to the end….
  • if you click the artwork you access a larger version with more details
  • You can also see which artworks have sold. (Bearing in mind the exhibition was online for some time before it opened for real at the Mall Galleries). Initial review would suggest that my perennial advice about pricing is being borne out yet again.

However, there’s no option to look at artworks grouped by:

which is a pity as I like looking at all the landscapes (or whatever) at the same time. 

What’s even more odd is that this facility is (partially) available on the website for the Artist Explorer – where you can search via artist name or medium.

I think that now that the buying public is switched on to online buying AND those of who are older are going to continue to be rather cautious re outings for quite some time, it’s maybe time for the Mall Galleries to decide whether it’s time to upgrade the software for viewing artwork to that employed by other galleries – to make it MUCH easier for people to view what they want to see.  

That’s the pathway to more sales – making art more accessible. 

THREE: View it on the NEAC website

I personally find it much easier to view the artwork in the exhibition on the NEAC website – which has got HORIZONTAL arrows which advance groups of artwork automatically. Much, much easier with no scrolling involved!

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