Visit David Curtis in his studio.

Visit the renowned painter David Curtis in his studio / man cave / comfort zone!

Courtesy of a video of
David Curtis  set-up and shot presumably by a relative – who chose to do it in portrait format – in his studio in the village of
Misson in the north of Nottinghamshire and just east of Doncaster where he
was born. This was done as an added extra to the annual exhibition of the
Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 2020. 

His compact studio is not very big and is based in an old barn which dates back to 1660 and used to be the village slaughterhouse  – and then the coffin-maker’s shop!!

David paints in both oil and watercolour and likes to work plein air as well
as in his studio. He David highlights in the video how he likes to have:

  • a specifc place in his studio for his watercolour painting where he still uses his 1960s drawing board
  • his corner for oils – including his palette (He lists all the paints he uses)
David Curtis’s oil palette in his studio
  • the artwork around the studio
  • his writing section; and 
  • his computer section and bookcase
  • AND what he gets out of working in his studio

He’s not averse to showing you the view and the
painting alongside it on his website, Facebook Page and Instagram account.
You can see pics of him at work on his website 

Some of the pics on his website
– but the main pics are on the Gallery Pages

I’ve seen and admired his paintings hung in very many exhibitions over the
years at the Mall Galleries – and I really appreciate this opportunity to
see inside his studio. In effect, it’s a story of his life as an artist.  Maybe somebody else needs to come and paint David in his studio – rather in the way a number have sketched and painted him at work when painting plein air?


David Curtis VPROI, RSMA is a  

He has also written
four highly regarded books about painting
and been involved in a number of art instruction videos.
  He’s a very knowledgeable and thoughtful artist and instructor as well
as an excellent artist whose paintings are much loved by very many people.

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