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Back to School 2021/2022: the Essentials

Just like that, its back to school season again. We might tend to get lost in the days of the breaks that we miss some of the essential items we need to get ready for another year of scholarly activities. Yeah, we experience this a lot and so we made it a learning experience. Here is our go-to list of back to school essentials.
The physical one. We will get to the planner app later. Planners are absolutely essential. Once you get into the habit of planning your activities, you will realize how easy it to breeze through the academic week is. List your daily activities. Set weekly and monthly goal. Update your calendar immediately after a schedule is set. Your planner is your best buddy. Do not forget to buy one for the school year.
Get some sticky notes and flags to go with your planner. All these will make planning a lot easier.

  1. Notebooks
    This could be the traditional notebooks or a laptop. Some people remember notes easily when they write them down. But some of us has grown accustomed to typing in our laptop. Whichever works, do not forget to include it on the list.
  2. Pencils and Pens
    This is our favorite back to school essential. We are very particular about the type of pens and pencils we use. We want our notes to be color coded. We want highlighters to emphasize things we need to remember. We want the pen that makes our handwriting easier to read. We basically have a long list of specification for this item.
  3. Snacks
    The first day of school might get hectic. You will need to bring food with you to survive the rush, keep you energized and help you focus in class. Bring lunch or pack snacks. Do not forget to have water ready with you all the time. Get hydrated is the key to surviving daily life in school.
  4. Grammarly
    There are apps that can make your academic life easier. Take Grammarly for example, just simply copy paste your essays and then have the system correct your spelling, tone, and punctuations. Impress your professor with your error-free papers!
    If you want to get more out of the app, you can also purchase a premium version that includes a plagiarism checker.
  5. To Do List
    If you were not able to get the first item on this list, then this is your backup. ToDoist is an app that will allow you to list down everything that you need to do, add notes on those things you need to do, and even assign them to people. It has a simple interface that makes it feel like a notepad. It is available on your app store, and you can get it for free. Never miss an assignment with ToDoist.
  6. Your mind
    School requires a lot of mental energy. Just be mentally present. You need to be in the learning mood in order to retain the lessons that will be taught to you.