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4 Tips to plan your successful wedding

Your wedding is probably the most important event in your life, isn’t it? It is that time when you feel nervous, excited, scared, doubtful, elated, etc. all at once. While on the one hand, you are excited about stepping to a new phase in your lives, on the other hand, you wish for the event to go smoothly without any hassles. There is no pre-defined checklist that you need to follow while planning for a hassle-free, successful wedding. However, based on my personal experiences, I have picked out a few important things that you cannot afford to mess with while planning for your D-Day. Yes, there are bound to be confusions and nerve-wracking moments at the last minute; however, I feel that you pretty much covered if you have taken care of these points.

  1. Stop being very obsessed with yourself

Yes, I know I am very rude when I say that. However, most of the times the common mistake that couples make is to spend all their time worrying about themselves (their dress, makeup, emotions, poses for photographs, etc.). You need to relax right now! If your wedding is in about two months from now, the first thing you need to do is to finalise your guest list as early as you can. If it were my wedding planning, I would first stock on how many people would attend the ceremony. I would then proceed to work out the other details such as the venue, food and celebratory events.

What good is your wedding if your guests are not enjoying themselves? So, the first tip to plan for your successful wedding is to do all that you can to keep your guests comfortable and occupied. I still love it when I hear my aunt saying, “I just came from Mel’s wedding party. But you know, Carla, your wedding was simply the best!” It makes all the preparation so much more worthwhile when you hear people comment many years later after your marriage that yours was the best wedding event that they had attended in their lives.

  • Plan your budget and some more!

You might have heard wedding experts telling you to have a well-thought-out a budget and stick to it carefully throughout your wedding planning. I did exactly the same at my wedding. However, the weather gods tried to laugh at me on my D-Day, and I was busy spending way beyond my budget in organising umbrellas for my guests (some of whom were quite old!). I also had to buy many sets of rain covers for the kids as my guests were my priority. Though my wedding turned out to be an adventurous affair, I had some important takeaways from that event.

Now, when my friends plan for their weddings, I always them to prepare a budget first and then keep at least 20 to 30% more than that as the balance to meet contingencies like the rains that happened at my wedding. Having a little extra cash on hand is always going to help you meet these contingencies with confidence and ease. When I talk about the budget, I am also compelled to talk about the concept of prioritisation.  Have around 80% of your budget spent on the venue, food and other wedding arrangements. Don’t blow away a majority of your budget on your dress or hair stylist; know what your priorities are and spend wisely to have a successful wedding.

  • Make smart reservations

You shouldn’t leave any stone unturned when looking for opportunities to save money. A penny saved is a penny gained, after all! Plan your wedding on a weekday or a Sunday because the wedding statistics say that the costs are at least 30% lesser on these days than Saturday weddings. You are bound to get good deals on the venue, food and drinks by opting for a smart wedding day.

 Also, ensure that you don’t plan your weddings right in the midst of the Christmas season, especially if you have guests attending your event from across countries. During the peak holiday season of Christmas or New Year, tariffs on hotels are far more expensive than on usual days.  When you book hotels or arrange for food for your guests, don’t hesitate to ask for a discount. More often than not, you do get 20 to 30% off while making bulk bookings. Remember, you won’t get these if you don’t ask for them!  Some catering organisations may charge you extra if you request for a special buffet for kids. So, you may want to include a no-kids clause while inviting your guests, to save the costs and the trouble of maintaining restless kids.

  • Enjoy

It does sound very weird to me that I have to mention this point here as a tip for a successful wedding! Have you heard of the saying, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”? It’s the same with wedding planning as well. Yes, you need to plan things well in advance, but you also need to know where to draw the line! Don’t get too stressed with your planning as it will take the fun out of your wedding.  I feel bad when my friends look at their wedding pictures and say, “I wish I could have taken it easier that day and let out a natural smile instead of a restrained one like that”. It’s your wedding day, and you both have to enjoy the union more than anyone else. You cannot constantly think if there are enough drinks for everyone or if the guests have exceeded your expected count or when the constant crying of the kids would stop.

Just let go of all these stressful thoughts and keep your mind as light as possible. Laugh naturally at the cameras and allow your happiness to bring a glow to your faces.  And here is an important tip– you cannot please everyone on earth! It’s really alright if things aren’t perfect at your wedding. Don’t be a stickler for perfection on the most important day of your life. Instead, allow the festivities to envelop you completely.