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How to find true love In today’s digital world?

Can you imagine having to find love before the internet? Well, it can be a little different. You have to go to a lot of parties. You have to go out a lot. There’s just so much face to face interaction as possible. Although a great connection is found this way, it also helps in communication is made consistent. In today’s digital world, everyone is connected. And you might now know, you are now one click or tap away from true love.

True love’s meaning might not have changed over time, true to what the old proverb says “love is universal, it transcends everything”. There is no better way to test love in today’s digital world than through communication. Most of us have this grand romantic perception of love. We meet someone who shares the same favorite food, favorite movie or favorite band; and we immediately think that they can be our true love. But the truth is true love does not just happen over conversations. It happens in the most intimate of connections, in the most profound relationships, and for the most part in two people working things out to adjust with each other. They say everyone lives in a bubble. Whom we choose to love is who choose to live in that bubble.

What are the factors that affect people’s relationship with their supposed true love? Perhaps the greatest of all is distance, literally and figuratively. But in today’s world distance has been reduced to the end of our fingertips. We meet someone while traveling. We add them on Facebook. We stalk their daily lives. And sometimes we have that ideal persona of someone we met in our head that does not coincide with who they are online. This is a threat to true love. Luckily, on most occasions, there is the other side of it. You meet someone on a beautiful sunset on the beach. You connect with them online and the next you know you are traveling with this person and watching many sunsets together.

Well, it is safe to say that the digital world has helped foster relationships, especially those which are long distance. The digital world has also made finding true love easier for those who do not want to go through the hassle of going to parties, attending events, and going to book clubs.

Whatever your interest is, there is an online community for it. Some websites are also dedicated to finding true love. For social networks, there is Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. People found love because of one common hashtag. For websites that are dedicated to dating, OkCupid is leading people to their true love since its inception. Tinder has also become a place for hookups. These two are the leading dating apps in today’s digital world, among the hundreds. Despite all these developments, the only way on how to find true love in today’s digital world is to actually meet the person, and fall in love with them and with an algorithm.