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Glorious Sound Desk Pro Black



Price: $599.95
(as of Mar 02,2022 00:54:11 UTC – Details)

The Glorious Sound Desk Pro is a professiol studio workstation, which is suitable for many creative applications and is thoughtfully designed to form the center of your production process. The studio table offers enough space to set up a laptop/computer, screen, studio monitors, audio interface, 19” rack-mount equipment, MIDI controllers, synths and a master keyboard. The design of the Sound Desk Pro allows you to produce on 3 levels at the same time. Thanks to the increased width and depth of the working space, there is plenty of room for your equipment. The two 3U rack slots behind it also allow 19” devices such as compressors, equalizers or effects to be mounted. A further compartment in the center is suitable for stowing a laptop or audio interface. A pull-out drawer can accommodate keyboards up to 88 keys. It can be mounted onto the Sound Desk Pro in 4 different height positions. The construction offers many intelligent details, as well as plenty of ducts for cable routing on the top, inside and bottom of the Sound Desk Pro. An interior cable duct is also suitable for organizing the power supply using multiple sockets and is accessible from both the front and rear. The cable recess at screen height makes it easy to place the Sound Desk Pro flush with the wall. The Sound Desk Pro is extremely stable due to its X-shaped design. Additiol struts ensure that the table does not wobble or flex and all devices remain securely. The assembly is easy and can be done in just a few steps. The Sound Desk Pro is made of solid wood and available with a high-quality black, white or walnut finish.
Accommodates laptop/computer, screen, studio monitors, audio interface, 19″ rack-mount equipment, MIDI controllers, synths or 88-key master keyboard
Produce on 3 levels simultaneously, large working space with increased width and depth
Thoughtfully designed construction with many application possibilities; Pull-out drawer for keyboards (up to 88 keys); Keyboard-tray adjustable in 4 height positions
Ducts for cable routing on top, interior and ground