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GTYORUS 8 GPU Ai Mining Rig Frame Case with Display Screen – Complete Mining Rig System for Ethereum Miner with 2500W Power Supply, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, SSD, 8 Adjustable Speed Fans(Without GPU)



Price: $589.99 - $515.98
(as of Jul 31,2022 15:37:38 UTC – Details)

Motherboard:B85 65mm spacing
CPU: G2030
Hard Disk:128G SSD MSATA
Heat Sink:Standard CPU cooler
Fan:High-speed fan (12038/4500RPMx8) adjustable speed 2500-4500 rpm
PSU: 2U 2500W Power(176V-264V)
Motherboard size: 23.2*7.5 ch
Chassis Size: 26.8*17.5*6.9 Inch
Chassis Display Screen: 3.03*1.97  Inch

Warm Tips:

1.Please use a GPU less than 32 cm. The rig is compatible with a single power supply, please make sure your power supply is a single channel power supply.

2. If using a 2500W rate power supply:

When you run the GPU overclocking, it is easy to burn the motherboard and power supply and GPU. It is recommended to use the GPUs under the rated power of the power supply. For example, when run the 3090/3080, 3090 rate power is 290W, the GPU overclocking power is about 350W. We recommend that you use 4 GPUs. Running 3070 and 3060 8 pcs is OK. Please reserve 300-400 W for other consumption.

3. Mining rig is a unit requires technology. If you have any technical issue, Please contact us, we will try our best to solve your problem.

Mining rig problem determination:

We have done a quick test before shipment. The rig will be slightly problematic, possibly due to long-term transportation and violent express delivery. When you get the rig, don’t run GPUs immediately. Let’s first test if the rig work.

1. Power supply troubleshooting

Check the power supply to see if the fan is turning.

2.Motherboard troubleshooting

Connect the keyboard to the computer, Press the Num Lock light on the keyboard. If the light remains off, the motherboard might be at fault. If the Num Lock light on and press again, the Num Lock light off, there is no fault with the motherboard.
【Built in 2U 2500W Power Supply】The mining machine system comes with 2500W (176V-264V) professional mining machine power supply (It will not work under 110V household voltage). Up to 90% power conversion efficiency, allowing you to enjoy mining and save your power consumption at the same time.
【Display Screen】Seven functions of smart display screen: V(voltage): display of access voltage volts, I(current): power supply output current, P(power): Display of the power data of the whole machine, T(temperature): the internal temperature of the chassis, M(mode): mode/fan speed ratio, SP(speed): real-time speed data of the chassis fan, T-T: year-day-hour-minute (The machine will automatically time when it is turned on, and you can know more about the running time of the machine).
【8 GPU slots】8 GPU slots in the mining rig frame case, and the 65mm gap between GPU ports makes it quieter and easier to cool. The mining case support 8 PCS 3060TI/3070/6800/6800XT 6900/6900XT GPU simultaneously. But It is recommended to run only 4 PCS 3080,3090. Note: GPU longer than 32 cm in length are unavailable.
【8 Adjustable Speed Fans】The mining computer case is equipped with 8 PCS cooling fans.The design of one air volume in and one out, the air volume is sufficient and silent enjoyment, escort your graphics card. Fan controller can control the fan speed from 2500 to 4500 rpm, rotate the fan controller to the right to increase the speed.
【Mining rig Including】Our 8 GPU mining rig frame includes 2500W Mining power supply, Intel B85 motherboard, CPU 2030, 128GB SSD, 4G RAM, 2500-4500 rpm cooling fan * 8, screws package. Note: The hard disk is not equipped with a system. After you log in to the official website of the system and download it, there is a corresponding tutorial for installation and use.Compatible with Win10 /OS, but you’ll need to install the system yourself.