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How Could Fashion Empower Women

Women have had enough with being told what to do, what to say and even what to wear. Today’s generation is fighting against these age long notions that society needs to dictate their worth. And so far they have been successful. Many industries have now been taken over by women. Whether it’s tech, finance, politics and most of all fashion, women now lead. In fashion, women have found empowerment in many different ways.

In the recent New York Fashion Week, women have dominated the fashion industry with bold messages about mental health, body image, and other advocacy targeted to empower women. They are speaking out, on the runway and it the streets. They want to get their message across.

Vogue, for example, has recently featured curvy women strutting their stuff on the runway, with confidence. They are far from what the media has considered being beautiful, yet they are truly beautiful because of their confidence and their boldness. Statements like this help shift popular opinion about beauty standards.

Women have also spoken up against objectification. Over the years, women have been used to sell products. But with the recent feminist movement, women are not just models but also ambassadors and spokespersons of different advocacy.

Fashion design has also turned a little bit towards the unconventional with women wearing power clothes. In an era of girl bosses, business casual has gained a definition. Women are now boldly going for the power dressing. This means pants and blazers which can only be considered as sharp and screams woman on top.

Along with the shift of ideas towards a more progressive and women empowering fashion industry is the focus on representation. The idea is not just a buzzword, it is creating impacts around the world. There are many black models gracing the runway. There are many Asian women smiling proudly on the covers of fashion magazines. Every race is represented. This means empowerment, that if a woman of color the same as mine can do that, then so can I. It is a powerful statement.

And what would prove representation as a powerful idea is that more and more cosmetic companies are redefining how they produce nude colors. This does not happen only with makeup, but also in clothing companies. Nude is now a shade of many colors. From dark to brown, women have many choices of what kind of skin they are comfortable in. Women can feel confident because they are not excluded.

Women have become a little freer than they were. They can be curvy if they want and need to. They can be proud and have a positive body image. They are not represented by fellow women of color. They can also be unique in their own empowered way. Women are now allowed to speak about their advocacy. Women can now rise up against their oppressors which included harassment and objectification. Fashion has helped them realize all these. For empowered women, fashion is a way to speak up, fight back and express themselves.