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Stand Out Trends From New York Fashion Week 2018

New York Fashion Week just rolled out their red carpet kicking off with some of the grandest fashion shows we have ever seen. The Kate Spade tribute was equal part moving and inspirational. The Rodarte comeback was one for the books and it is purely a work of art. Every show is a fashion week stealer. When you feel like a show could not get better, designers and fashion brands surprise you with a jaw-dropping production. It is nothing short of exciting.

We’ve seen the photos and we’ve seen the runways. We took notes of the recurring appearances of materials, design and overall style of garments. We set out to determine which trend dominated the fashion week. Here is our list.

1.Animal prints, and more animal prints

Have you seen Tom Ford and all his models decked in animal prints? Yes, all 36 of them. He used animal prints which are out of the ordinary classic yellow and black. He threw in neon colors. He made them in extra bold sizes. R13 also contributed to the whole crazy animal print trend going on. Adam Selman also added a few variations.

2.Hot hosiery

From glittery to colorful, hosiery has taken over the fashion week. And they are all eye-catching we could not help but want to steal the look. This trend came in time for fall and winter. We can now stock up on statement socks that rock. If you want to know what we mean, check out the photos from Ulla Johnson, Creatures of Comfort and Adam Selman. Go and get some inspo from their looks.

3.Pretty in soft pink

Have you noticed how flushed the models’ cheeks are? Soft pink almost as soft as petals is the look of the week, and probably of the season. Matched with dew-soaked lips to create a natural glow. Have you seen Rachel Zoe and Rebecca Minkoff? Soft, fresh, modern and youthful.

4.Bejeweled pieces

Details matter. This fashion week has made designers and brands take out the most embellished and bejeweled of all the outerwear – from patches to many different kinds of jewels. They all express originality from each of the designers. They are also a showcase of the brand’s uniqueness. The runway became a venue of craftsmanship.

5.Anoraks making a comeback

There has been a nineties nostalgia going on. Anoraks are cool again, and this time they are getting that urban vibe and more. Oscar de la Renta has a dressier version. Public School has a casual take. Models paraded wrapped in windbreaker, parka, anorak or whatever you want to call them. Other versions were showcased by Calvin Klein, Dion Lee and Claudia Li.

There is arguably a long list of moments in this year’s New York Fashion Week. There is a long list of trends we noticed has been reiterated. This year it was all about statements, from models, designers and fashion brands. Everyone used the runway to make a mark, send a message and represent the fashion industry.